About us

photo by Kelly Giezentanner Photographs
Hi there!  Welcome & thank you for visiting my blog.
I will keep my introduction short and sweet.  I have been a photographer for over 15 years now.  I am completely in love with the photographic process.  Wedding photography starts with learning what you want and making an intimate, passionate documentary of one of the most important days of your life. My approach as a wedding photographer is to blend into the scene as much as possible so that I do not influence the moment, and to document your day in an honest and creative way.
Now, let’s talk about you.  Please tell me your wishes, and together we will collaborate and create a common goal-whatever that may be for you.  Your vision can be expressed using photographs; whether the emphasis is on fashion, family, photojournalism, portraiture or all of the above.  I have the experience to guide you towards ways of conveying the heirlooms you have in your head, whimsically and beautifully.  A wedding requires so much or your time and effort to plan, what takes months to perfect is over so quickly.  After the cake is eaten and the bouquet is thrown, photographs preserve the details.  Moments you might not even be aware of as they are happening can be captured for you to relive and enjoy over and over.
I photograph weddings solo, but my super talented hubby Justin also accompanies me if you request a second photographer.  We are a fantastic team!  It always takes us back to our wedding and reminds us of our own love story.  Believe us, we know how precious these moments are to you.
Our beautiful Western North Carolina Mountains are the perfect backdrop for your wedding.  Whether you are perched over the Asheville skyline or behind a high pasture, a sense of place matters.  We are available to you in all the Ashevilles as well as Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Fairview and beyond.  And if you wish to be married in Puerto Rico or Paris, we can be there too. 
It is such an honor to be chosen to photograph a couple’s wedding.  Together we can capture your love story and I promise it will be so much fun!