Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Off to Pararescue Jumper Training!

We had Bud's going away party this past weekend.  He's headed to the Air Force for Pararescue Jumper Training, oh my gosh will he will be missed.  But we know he's going to be an amazing soldier.  We LOVE you Bud and we're SO proud of you...

Mom had a great idea for a sign and Justin & I painted this

Dad, Mom, Bud, Me, Justin & Sweet Hercules

What a sweet Bromance, Adam kissing Bud

Mom & Bud

The Brothers in Law & Me

I'm gonna miss him!

Rusty, Buds former swim coach (mine too) and a great friend of the family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leigh Glass & The Hazards

I love photographing Leigh Glass & The Hazards!  Always a great time, she and Patrick are soooo hysterical, never a dull moment.  We were at the ultra hip Indigo Hotel for most of the shoot and then headed down to Montford Park.  Let me know whatcha think!